Total overhaul of image handling

We've completely rewritten all of the image handling scripts for the entire site. The way in which images are resized and managed is now fundamentally better.

All images are now resized and cached dynamically rather than being resized at the point of upload.

This means that we're no longer storing images in sizes that aren't being used, which also means:

  • Adding images to your website is quicker as you don't have to wait for all the image resizing
  • Duplicating content is far quicker (as the original images aren't duplicated, just their reference)
  • Our adaptive and responsive layouts will be able to use more appropriate image sizes with less work
  • We're storing less images, which keeps our overhead costs lower
  • Our image moderation procedure has been streamlined to provide a safer environment

Posted by Rob Swan on July 22nd 2013

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