Page management module

The page management module is the way you manage all the content on your website pages.


  • Create unlimited pages, with unlimited sub pages, and unlimited sub-sub pages (and so on!)
  • Simple drag and drop reordering for rearranging your page
  • Pages automatically appear in the main horizontal navigation of your website
  • Sub pages automatically appear in the side navigation of your website
  • Pages can be easily edited, deleted, or hidden from your websites navigation
  • Pages can feature an unlimited number of different content blocks which can be dragged and dropped into any order - this makes it really easy to make the layouts look really cool!
  • Each block of content on the page can either be just html text, a right aligned image (in one of two different sizes), a left aligned image, a block quote, a single image, two images, three images, text with a right aligned block of other text, html code, text a smaller right aligned image, up to three fading / scrolling full width hero images, text in two columns, text in three columns, text with a block of html aligned to either the right or the left
  • A simple WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor lets you add formatted text (bold, italic, bullet point lists, headings) without any knowledge of HTML code required
  • All text content is tidied and filtered to ensure it appears consistently on your website
  • Pages normally have navigation (on the right or the left, defined by your site layout in the settings module), but this can be disabled on individual pages. This is often done on the homepage to give it more impact
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) options let you specify the navigation title, page title, H1 title, meta description, meta keywords and URL for each page.
  • Facebook optimisation allows you to specify the image you want to appear when posting a link to the page on Facebook
  • The pages module also lets you choose where other modules fit into the site navigation (Want your blog to be the homepage? Drag the 'news' page to the top of the list. Want your eCommerce page to appear before your contact page in the main navigation? Just drag it their in the pages module!)
  • With the optional members module enabled any page can be hidden behind a username and password prompt.
  • Your pages are all automatically added to your sites automatically generated Google Sitemap XML file
  • You can optionally add HTML code to appear below all your pges using the settings module - perfect for adding Facebook comments or social media sharing icons to your site
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