SEO and Google Analytics

We've taken great care to make sure that our User Friendly Websites stand the best chance of being found by search engines, and also ensuring that it works beautifully with Google Analytics


  • You can independently edit the title, H1 title, navigation title, meta description, meta keywords, and URL of all page content on the site
  • An optional thumbnail can be uploaded to pages for use when linked to from Facebook and other social media sites
  • Everything in your admin control panel and behind the scenes is geared towards generating semantically valid and beautifully tidy front end code and content
  • Google Analytics tracking code is easily added by just pasting it into the settings module
  • The eCommerce module fully integrates with Google Analytics advanced Ecommerce tracking for tracking sales
  • The eCommerce module generates an automatic product feed for integrating effortlessly with Google Merchant Center
  • Automated Google Merchant Center feed includes attributes required for tracking leads generated by Google Shopping within Google Analytics
  • Contact forms generate a trackable URL when they are submitted to allow for goal and conversion tracking in Google Analytics
  • An automatically generated XML Google Sitemap helps your site get indexed faster and more accurately
  • 'No follow' attributes are used strategically throughout the site to help reduce the page rank impact of overweighted pages
  • Automatically generated pages with no valuable content (e.g an empty month in the events calendar, an empty news listing, error pages etcetera) have a meta "no index" tag added to help sculpt the flow of page rank
  • All automatically generated content is valid HTML and CSS
  • Sensible defaults are used for all empty SEO fields if you don't have the time or inclination to manage them
  • If you don't want to see all the SEO features in the admin control panel they can be hidden from view
  • News module generates an automatic RSS news feed
  • Events module generates an automatic ICS calendar feed
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