Settings module

We'll set your site up to use one of our pre-configured themes - so you don't need to user any of the features in this module...

... but if you want you can use the settings module you can change the look and feel of your site - header images, background images, fonts and colours, quickly and easily.


  • Settings module divided into settings, images, layout colours, shop settings and advanced styles to keep things simple and uncluttered for you
  • Define your website header and sub header
  • Upload a 'favicon' to be displayed alongside your site when bookmarked
  • Upload your header logo and choose it's position relative to your website name (or have it replace the default header content entirely)
  • Upload a background image for your site and choose whether it is tiled or stretched
  • Upload an image to go in the background the main area of your website content and choose whether it is tiled or stretched
  • Choose to enable or disable breadcrumb navigation
  • Choose whether your sub navigation is on the left or the right of your site
  • Choose whether your main navigation has drop downs for sub pages, or even choose to hide it entirely
  • Determine whether the background of your header, footer and content should have defined edges or stretch to the edge of the browser.
  • Choose the fonts, text color and background colour for all key areas of your website
  • Choose different colours or styles to highlight the active item in your navigation
  • Add borders to page elements, and choose to automatically give them rounded corners
  • Define gradients for background colours
  • Choose whether your eCommerce items should be displayed in a list or as a gallery of thumbnails
  • Paste in code to appear below pages and below news items - perfect for embedding Facebook or Disqus comments, or including social media sharing links.

Feel confident?

  • Feeling confident? You can entirely disable all the automatic styles and add your own cascading style sheet (CSS) if you want.
  • Add custom code to appear in the head section (include external JavaScript libraries, add custom meta tags)
  • Include custom CSS styles
  • Define custom HTML for the header
  • Define a custom HTML footer
  • Add custom HTML above and / or below your side navigation
  • All with nice syntax highlighting in the browser when you're fiddling with this code!
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